Why Anthony G. Forlini?

Fair Elections

The County Clerk assures free and fair elections. Your vote matters and it should count.  Assures Fair Elections…

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Accurate Records

Do you believe in efficient and accurate record-keeping? The County Clerk maintains the records for Macomb County.  Keeps…

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Open Government

Do you want to know where your tax dollars are going? Anthony Forlini believes in open government, reducing…

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Do you have questions about absentee voting?

You can't afford the uncertainty of elections without integrity.. We've seen dishonest, inept government too many times before and it's just plain wrong.

3 steps to the path to assuring elections with integrity


Let your voice be heard. Your donation supports free and fair elections, efficient and accurate county records, and…

Talk to your Neighbors

Tell your friends, family and neighbors why you are supporting Anthony Forlini for Macomb County Clerk.


Assure Anthony is the Republican Candidate for Macomb County Clerk by voting in the Republican Primary on Aug.…